[eng] Anonymous #OpBigBrother 02/23/2013 #IDP13 International Day for Privacy

The current society, stuck between economic crisis and overconsumption, is gradually invaded by the technologies of surveillance.
This diffuse invasion insinuates itself into our daily life : the social networks or the connected objects are the most blatant examples. Facebook, the most popular social network, analyzes the information, the links and the photos posted by its members to adapt advertisements for the users. « Smartphones » are of fabulous tools : we receive the advertisements of the store near which we pass, we take a photo during the last barbecue between friends and we post it on the Internet with the localization of the event, or we obtain real time maps to have a walk…
In our cities, we cross every day more and more numerous cameras.  In purposes of  » videoprotection  » of the citizens, we are filmed many times a day.
All these examples, taken in a isolated way, are, it seems, not too much  » annoying « , but imagine one moment everything converges, everything  crosses itself… You think that we are paranoid?
Unfortunately, no!
The ones who settle such systems show tendencies to paranoia !
INDECT-FP7, Trapwire, CleanIT, SOPA, PIPA, CETA… Many  acronyms make regularly their appearance. Behind these terms are hidden systems of control and surveillance of the citizens. The inspection of the contents to reveal forgeries in certain cases; the analysis of the communications detecting possible terrorist activities on others ; using a global system recutting the available data on the Internet (social networks, blogs, chats)  with the pictures from cameras of videosurveillance, from governmental databases, or from banking data (etc.).
These systems, developed and set up by private companies at the request of governments, threaten our fundamental Right to Privacy.
Unfortunately,  many people are not conscious of the situation, participating even in their own control (feeding themselves the social networks of their particulars, for example) and  accepting the progressive implementation of monitoring systems. As far as these projects, or laws, are presented in such a dark way, that make it impossible to understand cogs and real objectives.
Included in the global action of Anonymous, #OpBigBrother was introduced in this will to fight, worldwide, against the tools of surveillance of the population and against the liberticides  projects. The operation #OpBigBrother aims at informing the citizens on such projects, systems of ultrasurveillance already running, and also aims at warning the elaboration of any new plan which can restrain our personal freedoms.
#OpBigBrother chose as method of action the pedagogy. The knowledge is the best weapon against any shape of subjection.
Information regarding this operation and our fight are available here : http://pastehtml.com/view/chv4opsew.html
Here is the video of the Operation : http://youtu.be/WR52NgUN41g
Today,  the censorship and the surveillance are two weapons used against our fellow countrymen (cf 1984 / Big Brother – George  Orwell).
Telecomix,  within the framework of the project « Blue Cabinet » http://werebuild.telecomix.org/wiki/Blue_cabinet designed a basis of data including many informations on  various actors of surveillance. We invite you to take time to consult these documents, to make your own opinion.
Within the framework of its work « The Spy Files », Wikileaks also  drew up a databasis revealing a thick cloud of tools and companies involved in mass surveillance :  http://wikileaks.org/The-Spyfiles-The-Map.html.
Also note the action of Anonymous via par-anoia, who broadcasts official secrets relative to this topic : http://par-anoia.net/releases.html
#OpBigBrother works on two axis :
– On the Internet where we reveal secrets of BigBrother
– In the real life: where we inform about the subject
February the 23rd will take place the first International Day for Privacy #IDP13.
Here is the link of the video for this day: http://youtu.be/Lxi8aC3Aw14
We often become aware of what we have when we lose it. We wish citizens have knowledge while there is still time !
We want the populations be able to choose to accept or refuse the  implementation of such systems by having the full knowledge of the consequences of these on their daily life. The populations must be able to make thoughtful decisions, without imposing them subterfuges by means of the technological and/or scientific  progress, without using the fear of the terrorism or without introducing them incomprehensible projects for non-initiated.
Everybody is concerned by this subject, citizens as well as media. An invasion on privacy will have consequences on the free speech. A possible censorship, formalized by the law or on the initiative of authors, will have a negative impact on the freedom of the media. How reporters could insure the  protection of their sources in a society of  ultrasurveillance ? How to write a hot article on a government if the writer feels spied ?
We turn into a society of fear in which, by fear of reprisals,  and much earlier that we think of it, the journalists will not be able to work freely anymore.
Make together this future doesn’t come !
Make that freedom of the media, the right to privacy and free speech get protected !
In the way such a society won’t be settled, transmit this message, spread the information and join us !
To live in a world of peace.
To leave a better world to our children.
We are Anonymous
We are Legion
We do not forget
We do not forgive
Expect us !
Mail : opbigbrother@tormail.org
irc.anonops.com SSL: 6697 #OpBigBrother |  #OpTrapwire | #INDECT | #OpWCIT
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