#IDP13 #OpBigBrother 23 février 2013 > Manifestations et defaces !

Comme à notre habitude petite revue photographique internationale des manifestations dans le cadre d’OpBigBrother pour #IDP13 ( si vous souhaitez plus d’infos rendez vous à cette adresse ) ; la liste est non exhaustive pour l’instant :

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[eng] Anonymous #OpBigBrother 02/23/2013 #IDP13 International Day for Privacy

The current society, stuck between economic crisis and overconsumption, is gradually invaded by the technologies of surveillance.
This diffuse invasion insinuates itself into our daily life : the social networks or the connected objects are the most blatant examples. Facebook, the most popular social network, analyzes the information, the links and the photos posted by its members to adapt advertisements for the users. « Smartphones » are of fabulous tools : we receive the advertisements of the store near which we pass, we take a photo during the last barbecue between friends and we post it on the Internet with the localization of the event, or we obtain real time maps to have a walk…
In our cities, we cross every day more and more numerous cameras.  In purposes of  » videoprotection  » of the citizens, we are filmed many times a day.
All these examples, taken in a isolated way, are, it seems, not too much  » annoying « , but imagine one moment everything converges, everything  crosses itself… You think that we are paranoid?

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